Equus - Exhibition - 25 November 2017 - 5 January 2018

I'm delighted to announce that from 25 November 2017 - 5 January 2018 I will be holding my next fine art photography exhibition - Equus - in the Riverside Cafe & Gallery at Farnham Maltings in Farnham, Surrey, UK. 

The exhibition will feature my recent work, created in Iceland, France and The Netherlands - so expect to see black & white images of characterful Icelandic horses, magical white horses of the French Camargue and the powerful black Friesians. All will be available to buy - a perfect opportunity to pick up a Christmas present or two - or simply treat yourself!

More details will follow. For now, 'save the date' and I hope to see you there.


This year's resolution to blog more hasn't really panned out! But I am turning over a new leaf and hope to write a little every time I add a new collection of equine fine art images to my site. 

Starting as I mean to go on, do please take a look at my new gallery - Ethology - which is a rather grand word for the study of animal behaviour. The collection is one which I made during time spent with Icelandic horses in their various fields, this summer. 

I spent hours in the fields with the horses as they enjoyed herd life. It's fascinating to see them live as a group as nature intended - to watch the rivalries and squabbles, to witness the mutual grooming they take part in and to watch the protective mares guard their new foals against the woman with her camera. 

To observe and sit quietly with these horses was a privilege and reminded me of the simplicity of life in an increasingly frantic world. It's good for the soul.

I hope you enjoy the images. Do get in touch if you'd like to learn more about any particular one. 

Why is winning an award so special?

I'm sure I'm no different to many people setting out in photography. A couple of years ago I decided to concentrate on equine fine art photography and began the long and extremely satisfying process of starting to build a body of work. 

Friends and tutors were encouraging and print sales started to come in. I visited Iceland, Portugal, the French Camargue and the Netherlands, all the time creating images that I liked ... but always with the feeling 'are they any good?'.

Well, what better way to find out than to be judged by those whose opinions you respect and who are either leading photographers or experts in the field.

So I did some research - looking at a whole raft of awards and most importantly previous winners to gauge standards, the type of work considered and to assess where I felt my work would fit best.

After much deliberation I decided to put my favourite image (if I'm allowed to have favourites...) - Fjord Crossing (a black a white image taken in Iceland and that illustrates this blog page) - in for the 2016 EPSON International Pano Awards. 

But just because I liked it, did that make it a strong enough image? Once I'd entered all I could do was sit back and wait and luckily, on this occasion, my patience was rewarded. The image was awarded Silver.

As I get older fewer and fewer things are truly memorable - but this was certainly one special moment! 

So why is winning an award so special? I guess there are several reasons, not least of which is that others have judged my work and endorsed it as good. The whole process made me look at my images with fresh eyes - and to be more questioning and critical of some of my work, always asking 'is this the best it can be?' and 'can I do better?'. I challenged myself. And it felt good to do.

I've found that the experience of entering awards can help improve the quality of my work and makes me be more selective about what I chose to share with the world. I'm sure many of us look back at images we created early in our careers and with the benefit of hindsight realise 'could do better' might have been a teacher's view.

With the endorsement that I'm on the right track, here's to creating more equine fine art images and to the future. 

A New Look

I don't know what it is about me and websites ... but I never seem satisfied with the one I have ... until now, that is. 

I'm delighted to launch my new site, where I'll showcase my favourite images and those available to buy as limited edition prints. 

I'll feature my new work here first - and you'll see you can also link out to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages too, so you can keep track on what I'm up to! 

I'm making an early New Year's Resolution - blog more! Check back to see if I manage this ... 

Until next time, I hope you enjoy browsing my new site and do get in touch through the Contact page if you'd like more details about any image on here.